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About  the Artist

Alix Baptiste is originally from Haiti, where he grew up one of nine siblings. At the age of twenty-one, he left Haiti and joined his father and stepmother in Savannah, Georgia.  With the encouragement and support for his stepmother, Baptiste began painting as a street artist. He became very successful as a street artist, and his fans encouraged him to move to Savannah’s City Market. Baptiste can still be found painting in the storefront window of his gallery in City Market.


Baptiste’s work is colorful and reminiscent of both his Caribbean upbringing and to some, the coastal region he has called home for the last several decades. Working primarily in acrylics, a common theme in his work includes nature scenes of his native Caribbean.


Baptiste’s original paintings can sell for thousands of dollars, but he makes lithographs and prints of popular works at a much lower price. His work has appeared in a number of national magazines including Black Enterprise, Ebony, and Upscale. He has been invited to participate in Disney World's Millennium and United Airlines Hemisphere Magazine. A visit to the Alix Baptiste Art Gallery to see these works in person is well worth the trip!

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